Type: Workspace // Office Size: 1800 sqm Location: Dnepropetrovsk // Ukraine
Year: 2013

For this project, layout has been concieved following a full minimalist and volumetric choices. 1800 sqm executive office apart from some pure functional rules is designed with simple materials.

An inner garden is built underneath the skylight glass in to the heart of the space forming a planted seperation between the factory building and the executive building. This green garden is tactile as well as visual, visibile from all over the space. The day light filtiring from the skylight improves the work efficiency.

Staircase in this area is designed for easy maintenance that compliment the reception area.

Main structure fabricated from mild steel, in black color matching the other metal fixtures around the space. Glass balustrade and wood handrails bonded to the top of glass.

General atmosphere is created in monochrome colors, stone block floorings meshed with matching color office carpets, black polished steel doors, glass separations, modular furnitures for future expansions with wood and fine textile finishings.