Type: Workspace // Office Size: 160 sqm Location: Palladium Towers // İstanbul
Year: 2015

CPK office is located in İstanbul’s rising bussiness district Ataşehir. The layout is designed to achieve maximum efficency through out the small work space. The reception area; ceiling and walls are covered with linear profiles that repeats it self partially in the rooms and common area. A warm slender light filters through the metal profiles that cover the columns.

In the common area the ceiling is partially left open to maintain the height and give a industrial texture to the space, this style detail is enforced with the cement walls in the rooms. To create a tidy clean look the immovable cabinets and storage units are built in to match the moldings on the walls, work stations are designed in modular systems for future expansions. General atmosphere is created in monochrome colors, glass separations are used to maximize natural light emmision in to the closed spaces. All the movable furnitures are custom designed in escapefromsofa’s ateliers, with high quality finishings.