Type: Residential Size: 240 sqm Location: Bodrum // Turkey
Year: 2019 Photographs: İbrahim Özbunar

This 240 sqm residence flat is located at highend area of Bodrum, Mandarin Oriental. 

Our priority was to create a stylish atmosphere with contemporary aesthetics. 

The layout is combined of a grand master room with walk in closet and a private bathroom, A guest room with its own bathroom. A single room that has an access to guest bathroom which has also an access to the spacious living-room area and a closed Kitchen which has also laundry utilities inside.

All the rooms and living space opens to the 40 square-meter terrace, It is the focal point of the house where family and friends spend quality time overlooking Bodrum’s crystal clear angel cove.

Throughout spaces we designed a fluid look, used a variety of wood panelings on the walls and ceilings. They are designed with different craftsmen techniques, textures and colourings. Every single room has it's own style with custom furnitures for each user. A fine selection of natural materials from solid woods, metals and marble surfaces are combined with stylish and comfortable upholstery. Mostly hand crafted stand alone furniture, expressing a style variation in between them. 

We completed the look with  escapefromsofa’s most liked signiture design pieces. Such as iconic light fixtures from Artemide, Ceiling ventilators from Hunter that flows the summer breeze in and out.