Type: Residential // Town House Size: 220 sqm Location: Çekmeköy // İstanbul
Year: 2013

This town house is located in the suburbs of İstanbul surrounded by Çekmeköy forest.

The first floor layout is combined with a dining area, open kitchen, study and a gallery that looks down to the living room.

Casting down the main wall between the dining area and cooking area from the previously closed kitchen area, we reached the maximum amount of light entering from the forest facade in to the dining area. A floor plan was designed to seperate the areas in between while making limited use of solid partitions. For the study area, designing a more effective working ambient with custom storage units that parrish from the sight and working desks from premium oak wood priorly designed for functionality.

The ground floor is designed to mesh the entire ambient of the house with natural stone covered walls that reaches up to the first floor. The solid wood used overall tunes up with general aesthetics designed for this house only. The chimney area is in covered in polished marble and has the mid century touch that works with all furnishings and textures.