Type: Workspace // Office Building Size: 4000 sqm Location: Dilovası // Kocaeli
Year: 2014

Escapefromsofa took this project from the lay foundation. The facade designs, landscape architecture, interior layouts and finishings have been completed with detailed worksmanship.

The main structure is built from steel, the glass facade is designed from temperature controlled filtered volumetric glass. Glass facedes combined with Neolith stones that frames the building with a 45 degree angle towards inwards.

Taking the columns as reference points outlining the space the design studio schematize a symmetrical layout. The manager rooms are positioned along side the glass fascade. Room separations are made from glass in order to let the maximum amount of daily light to the interior.

The workstations are designed in modular systems for future expansions. The immovable furnitures, storage units are built in between the workstations with green plantations on top they can be operated from both sides and work as an separation.

General atmosphere is created in monochrome colors, black polished steel doors, glass separations, modular furnitures for future expansions with wood textures and fine textile finishings.