Type: Conceptual // Office Size: 800 sqm Location: Kavacık // İstanbul
Year: 2013

Smart plaza is a conceptual project.

The 800 sqm open space is designed to optimize the work environment of the company.

Taking the colums as referance points outlining the space the design studio schematize a symetrical layout. The manager rooms are positioned along side the glass facade, from there the layout is cyclically ressed to the center. Room separations are made from glass in order to let the maximum amount of daily light to the interior. To increase the light efficiency the open workspace is framed with a Barisol lightning on the ceiling.

The work stations are designed in modular systems for future expansions. The immovable furnitures, storage units are built around the colums that are operated from both sides and works as an separation in between the workstations.

General atmosphere is created in earth colors, a variety of leather and fabrics used in these choices matching the mahagony wood wall cowers. Furniture fixtures, acrobat lamps on the walls and the ceiling lightning fixtures all made in black to add an attitude to the space.