Type: Residential Size: 400 sqm Location: Istanbul // Turkey
Year: 2019 Photographs: İbrahim Özbunar

This 400 metersquare two floor penthouse is located at one of İstanbuls high end residential area Suadiye.  

Our priority was to create a stylish atmosphere with contemporary aesthetics. 

The layout is combined with two floors. The main kitchen, laundry room and staff rooms are located on the ground floor. Main kitchen is designed for daily use of family, with a selection of sleek natural marbles used on the counter top and splash boards. escapefromsofa design team created custom built cabinets with a modern contemporary look that is furnished with luxurious metal details. 

Second floor consists of the master bedroom with a walking closet and private bathroom, it opens to a spacious terrace overlooking the beautiful princess islands and two single room with private bathroom of each, guest toilet and  a livingroom that consists of a cozy chimney area and  a service kitchen for dining area.  

Throughout the spaces we designed a fluid look, used a variety of wood and marble combination with brass details on the walls. A fine selection of natural materials from solid woods, metals and marble surfaces are combined with stylish and comfortable furniture. Mostly hand crafted, expressing a style variation in between them. We completed the look with iconic light fixtures and valuable contemporary artwoorks from turkish painters.